It's for me, & it's worth it. ♥

H:167cm // SW:65.5kg // CW:???kg // HW:65.5kg // LW:46.7kg // GW:55.0kg // UGW:45.0kg

This is for me to stay motivated in being healthy(-ish) & feeling better about myself. If other people want to follow & be helped by it as well, that is awesome, but it's not why I'm doing this.

I have had various types of eating disorders in the past & I still struggle with it, although I am currently trying to lose weight the healthy way. Hopefully I will one day be rid of my eating disorders completely, but I don't expect this to happen & I'm okay with that. All I can do is not let it get it the way of the rest of my life, because it really is such a tiny piece of all that I am.

I do not encourage people to develop eating disorders. I have had about every kind there is & it sucks. I do support people who have them, whether they are trying to recover or not. I believe it's not anyone else's business to tell people what they are allowed to do with their own body. And I am certainly not one to judge.

"If they understand, no explanation is needed. If they don't, they never will."
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This fucked me up

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In real life happy endings are a rarity. For the most part, endings are ordinary, and other times they are so sudden and unexpected they can hardly be considered endings at all. Some of the things you love the most will disappear without a trace and you’ll never really know where they went off to. You won’t always have the answers. You won’t always find closure or receive compensation for the hurt. Sometimes, you’ve just got to take a breath, make peace with yourself, and do your best to move forward.
Beau Taplin || H a p p y   E n d i n g s
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This is why I hate texting sometimes.

Every text conversation between me and my siblings summarized in a nutshell

This speaks to me on a spiritual level.



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who was the asshole that decided tattoos looked unprofessional 

the generation that did is dying out so don’t worry

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