It's for me, & it's worth it. ♥

H:167cm // SW:65.5kg // CW:???kg // HW:65.5kg // LW:46.7kg // GW:55.0kg // UGW:45.0kg

This is for me to stay motivated in being healthy(-ish) & feeling better about myself. If other people want to follow & be helped by it as well, that is awesome, but it's not why I'm doing this.

I have had various types of eating disorders in the past & I still struggle with it, although I am currently trying to lose weight the healthy way. Hopefully I will one day be rid of my eating disorders completely, but I don't expect this to happen & I'm okay with that. All I can do is not let it get it the way of the rest of my life, because it really is such a tiny piece of all that I am.

I do not encourage people to develop eating disorders. I have had about every kind there is & it sucks. I do support people who have them, whether they are trying to recover or not. I believe it's not anyone else's business to tell people what they are allowed to do with their own body. And I am certainly not one to judge.

"If they understand, no explanation is needed. If they don't, they never will."
~ Wednesday, April 23 ~
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I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.
— Vincent Van Gogh (via onefitmodel)

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~ Saturday, April 19 ~
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